magnetic health factory  


>> reviews of the CD western medicine:

beat the indie drum
"...worthy torchbearers of the Guided By Voices brand of lo-fi popsmithing...I gave it a few preliminary listens and found that (thankfully) nothing has changed since the first time I explored their catalog (2001ís double-discer I Canít Wait To Not Talk To You). Fans of the basement-pop DIY ethic will find much to love here."

icono-curmudgeon-clast (best music of 2009)
"MHF is continuing the tradition of the pop collage perfected by GbV and Pavement, which not enough bands seem to follow these days."

>> reviews of the CD the magic skyline:

pop zeus!
"The sound of his factory can easily be compared to the likes of Archers Of Loaf, Pavement and Guided By Voices, but O'Connor seems to add just an extra ounce of passion into his recordings...Thanks Magnetic Health Factory, for ROCKING!"

>> reviews of the CD i can't wait to not talk to you:

all media guide
"two discs' worth of sweet, sad, jangly indie rock with earnest vocals...O'Connor's willingness to put out so many good songs at once can only mean that he has something even better than I Can't Wait to Not Talk to You up his sleeve."

delusions of adequacy
"Magnetic Health Factory - Eric O'Connor doing everything except for drums on one song - doesn't have a whole lot of fluff or wasted material on this release...I've had no problem with listening to the entire release in a row, then perhaps popping disc one in again."

splendid eZine
"...blissful power-pop...[with] moments of brilliance."

>> reviews of the CD don't postpone joy:

blah blah blah
"This album rocks...all of the songs have the intimacy of the songwriter's bedroom, making the confessions all the more poignant. Furthermore, when you hear an incredible rock anthem like Blood In A Bottle, Airport Conversation, or Cool To Sad, you can't believe that MHF hasn't taken over the world yet."